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Civil & Construction Engineering

Construction Quality Control On Site

  REF: CE39  DATES: 1 - 5 Nov 2021  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel


Quality control in construction of the structure  is a complete function which involves management, statistics and engineering.

In this course, focus on using the statistics as a control tool used to control all the activities of the construction projects and specially the concrete product. The quality control of the concrete is illustrated in scope of the different codes and specifications.

In a hot climate, it need more precaution in concrete industry and on the construction of the building to match with the requirement to this weather, So this course introduces the ways to control the precaution and the specification recommendations in detail.

The practical tools to make a control on the concrete industry and the whole project include the field-testing and the required laboratories facilities and test will be presented.


this course introduces various techniques for evaluating the building under construction.

The course covers modern field measurements such as concrete strength, concrete uniformity and others 

Who Should attend:

This course is designed for senior engineer, projects Engineer & design engineer

Out Lines:

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Basics of quality assurance.
  • Quality control technique in construction industry.


Application of statistics to quality control data

  • Basic statistics.
  • Collecting a data for evaluations. 
  • Statistics for the quality control data.
  • Evaluating the grade of the quality.

 Role of new codes and specifications in quality control.                       

  • Quality control based code design.
  • Codes recommendation for the quality control. 
  • Codes and specifications limitations.
  • Comparison between different nondestructive testing.

Quality control methods in hot climate weather.

  • Hot climate effect on concrete construction.
  • Precautions on concrete industry under hot climate.
  • Quality control technique based on hot climate.

 Measuring of concrete strength using various methods

  • Slump test
  • Cube and cylinder compression test
  • Pullout test (lok test).
  • Windsore probe.
  • Schemidit hammer 
  • Ultrasonic technique.
  • Comparison between different nondestructive testing.

Quality control for Forms and Steel Reinforcement.

  • Form specifications
  • Steel detailing specifications
  • Precaution for concrete pouring

Execution quality control

  • Curing types for different condition
  • Compaction precaution
  • How to maintain concrete cover
  • Concrete pouring procedures and precaution

Ready mix control process

  • Concrete control for ready mix plant
  • Statistics for process controls
  • How to define the problem
  • Process control chart preparation
1 - 5 Nov 2021
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel